APF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a leader in autism research & training.

families, and
deserve better

The lives of countless children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) could be changed forever with quality behavioral treatment. For this to become a reality, professionals must acknowledge, accept, and adopt more effective intervention strategies.

Additionally, we must improve access to this life-changing treatment.

Our singular vision

A world where all individuals with autism reach their fullest potential

We’re on a mission to change how we understand and treat ASD. Over 60 years of research and clinical experience show Progressive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA™) interventions like the Autism Partnership Method™ (AP Method™) create the most effective and positive outcomes for children with autism. However, not all ABA is equal, and many families receive substandard treatment.

At Autism Partnership Foundation (APF), we:
  • Research, develop, and disseminate proven quality interventions to most effectively address this complex disorder
  • Recognize the need for massive change in how we treat autism
  • Demand better and more accessible training and improved professional certifications
  • Advocate for higher standards to ensure practitioners are adequately trained
  • Challenge the status quo of conventional ABA training and treatment


The differences between The AP Method™ and Conventional ABA are:

Conventional ABA

  • Protocol based
  • Time-based, insufficient training
  • One size fits all
  • Focuses on communication and behavior
  • Usually doesn’t endure over time

The AP Method™

  • Flexible
  • Performance-based, intensive training
  • Highly individualized
  • Focus on entire child, including communication, socialization, play, and
    independent living skills
  • Proven to lead to enduring lifelong skills


During the past 10 years, APF’s research team has published over 125 peer-reviewed articles, books, and book chapters. In addition to conducting research studies, the team has developed multiple training programs that have changed how treatment is delivered. In response to unanticipated needs due to COVID, the team adapted research projects to include treatment delivery through telehealth, and it had an impressive 18 studies published in peer-reviewed journals during the pandemic. These studies further validate the effectiveness of and critical need for better training and higher standards.


APF’S mission is to advance effective methodology and behavior analytic treatment to improve outcomes of individuals with ASD. Launched in March 2020, over 185,000 users have registered for APF’s free RBT training program, and in 2021, APF additionally launched a free Supervisor training course, as well as a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Library. In 2020, APF established the Progressive Behavior Analyst Autism Council™ (PBAAC) as an independent, autism-specific, credentialing authority.